Free Gift With Every Order!

YES! We’re giving away a FREE Mobile Phone Stent with EVERY order!

(until we run out) 🙂

K.C. Brains Smartphone StentYou can use it as a stand, or as a mount for in your car and you can use it as a grip when taking a selfie or reading longer document and watching movies.
Fits on the back of virtually every phone. And of course it has a cool K.C. Brains Seeds logo on it.

Place your order now and don’t miss out!

New CBD products in store!

Ladies & Gentlemen! We have some nice new CBD products in the K.C. Brains store for you.

Enecta AMBROSIA CBD E-Liquid
Besides the various CBD creams and oils- food supplements, we now also have three delicious different flavours of CBD e-Luiquid for you from Ambrosia. Marijuana, Peach Tea and Tobacco.

Not only this..! We also choose two of the most popular ‘vape’ devices we could find. The HerbStick ECO vaporiser for the herb smokers. And the JustFog Q16 e-Cigarette if you prefer to ‘smoke’ your CBD in an e-Liquid.

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