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Use the Dräger DrugCheck® 3000 to find out within minutes if a person recently consumed certain drugs. The compact and quick oral fluid based drug test yields reliable results affordably and easily. The device does not require electricity and can be used anywhere.

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Obtain samples easily and safely

Checks for certain substance classes simultaneously; Cannabis (THC), Opiates.

The Drager DrugCheck 3000 was optimised to detect THC, and offers two measurement options, ‘Fast’ or ‘Sensitive’.
Fast Test: after 1 minute >40 ng/ml
Sensitive: after 3 minutes >15 ng/ml

The Dräger DrugCheck 3000 consists of two components: an absorbent collector for obtaining an oral fluid sample, and a test cassette for the analysis. The test cassette contains the buffer liquid and a window with two test strips, which display the control and test lines. The test itself is performed in three easy steps: swab the oral fluid sample, shake the test kit, wait for a brief incubation period, and then start the test. A colour indicator on the swab disappears as soon as it has absorbed enough oral fluid for a test.

As soon as the control lines appear in the window, you can read the results. If the test result is negative, a line will appear alongside the respective substance class (drug). This means that none of the target substance was detected in the sample. If a line fails to appear next to one of the substance classes, then the result for this substance is positive.

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